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At Troy we understand that as a recruitment specialist you want to spend your time placing the right people in the right jobs as quickly as possible to make money. The simple fact is the quicker you can place the right people in the right companies, the more revenue you make.

Fitting with your business

Are Troysoft right for you?

We know deciding on the right software partner to help you achieve your goals can be a difficult process, and one you would probably rather not have to think about – so much depends on your choice. Why not download our guide to buying software and finding the right supplier.

The best way to see if Troy suits your business of course is to book a demo and have your questions answered by one of our team – It just takes a moment. We’re here to help and there’s no obligation.

What Troy can offer you


We will not bore you with the usual spiel on efficiency and how user friendly our software is. We take that as a given. What we will say however, is that Troy is the answer for recruitment software with a proven track record, we've been around since 1992.


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We understand commercial pressures that shape and influence the recruitment industry and we expect each client to be unique. Our solutions run on multiple platforms and are fully configurable to meet specific needs.