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We are a UK based company showing huge success with start-ups and SME’s.

Fast track your Candidate Management from Sourcing to Submittal

Troysoft’s recruitment ATS software helps smaller recruitment agencies to make informed decisions, improve sales and increase productivity. Whether you are thinking of starting your own recruitment company or have been running for a while, our easy to use system can help manage everything in your recruitment and applicant management process.


    Save time and improve productivity

    Save time and improve productivity

    Troysoft recruitment ATS software has been around since 1992, our software is 38% faster than other systems and can help recruiters generate up to 40% more placements.

    At Troy we understand that as a recruitment specialist you want to spend your time placing the right people in the right jobs as quickly as possible to make money. The simple fact is the quicker you can place the right people in the right companies, the more revenue you make. Our dynamic ATS recruitment software allows you to focus on talking to your candidates and clients, taking the leg work out of record keeping.

    Connect with Candidates and Clients Anytime, Anywhere

    In today’s modern world, you need to interact with candidates from a broad range of locations. Recruiters no longer just work out of one location, so you need a robust solution to keep you connected. Troysoft’s recruitment ATS software can be accessed on any mobile device, allowing you to view, edit and create candidate records, and access data on the move.

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    Connect with Candidates and Clients Anytime, Anywhere

    Find the Right Candidates

    Finding candidates on Troysoft's ATS software couldn’t be simpler, using our keyword search, and you can prioritise the results based on relevance, allowing you to build a qualified shortlist quickly. You can customise and configure the list views and save your favourite searches for even more time savings.

    Save Time & Reduce Errors

    Increase your efficiency and reduce clicks by using Troysoft’s dynamic CV parsing module within the software

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    Troysoft is the best of breed recruitment ATS software package for SME recruiters and start-ups. We have been around since 1992, we totally understand the recruitment market. Our customers are SME’s and startups who are looking for a system that can grow with them.

    Whether you are looking for a cloud or desktop solution, our powerful recruitment ATS solutions can help you to manage and maintain your candidate and client records. Search with a click of a button and our efficient, user friendly affordable solution will support you in your day to day recruitment business needs.

    As we are a UK based company, all the support is provided out of our UK office by our team. By being in the UK we believe we can offer the best service to our customers.

    We are the ideal choice for start-ups, SME’s and established clients alike. Subscriptions for our software start from as little as £45 per month.